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Translating the months in release dates

Increasing PHP Maximum Execution Time

How do I add/edit the favicon?

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Increasing PHP Maximum Execution Time

Increasing PHP Memory Limit

Increasing Maximum Input Vars

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Increasing PHP Maximum Execution Time

Updating your PHP version

How do I change or add new BuddyPress profile icons?

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66 Articles Huber

How do I change the page the login form redirects to?

It says the theme is broken or missing a style sheet?

How do I add/edit/remove theme options?

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How do I add/remove breadcrumbs?

How do I enable comments on pages?

I cannot see the icons on my site?

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Does the theme support Cyrillic or Georgian characters?

How to I add new child pages to auto hub form?

How do I disable the Gutenberg editor?

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How do I resize Google ads on my site?

Can I display different widgets on different categories?

I get a Page Not Found error when I click on links?

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I cannot access the drop down menu links on Android devices?

What SEO plugin do you recommend?

How I do I disable the WordPress Admin Bar for users?

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