Using Custom Endpoints / Global Tabs

If you want to create global custom tabs on all hubs follow the steps below. In this example we're going to create a new tab called "Guides".

1) Go to Theme Options > Hubs > Custom Endpoints and add a custom endpoint called "guides".

2) Scroll down to the Hub Tab Order and add %GLOBAL_TAB_guides% to display this endpoint in the hub tabs.

3) Next go to Pages > Add New and create a page called "Guides" and make sure the page slug matches the endpoint "guides". 

4) Add the Blog WPBakery Page Builder element to the page and enable the Post Association option and enter the category slug "guides".

5) Now create a category called "Guides" (with the slug "guides") and assign posts to this category. You can then associate posts with specific hubs from the Hub Association option. 

6) The "Guides" tab on each hub will only display posts in the "Guides" category associated with the specific hub your viewing.