Using Hub Fields With Foreign Characters

If you're using a character set other than latin hub fields will not work by default. If you're using Cyrillic characters then you can use the following plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/cyr3lat/, otherwise read below:

Go to Appearance > Editor and edit your child theme's functions.php file and add the following just before the last occurrence of ?>:

function ghostpool_hub_field_characters() {
    $char_table = array(
        'A' => 'a',
        'B' => 'b',
        'C' => 'c',
    return $char_table;

Where "A" is your character and "a" is the equivalent latin character. Do this for all the letters in your alphabet.

Now your hub fields will use latin characters for the slugs but you will still use your character set when the field is shown on the site.