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Logo appearing off

  • Norman Valdez
    Have resolved this by playing around with the theme settings and logo size.

    Comment posted 2 January, 2013

  • GhostPool
    Hi there, The reason for this is that your logo is too long or you have too many menu links in the navigation bar - you need to reduce the width of one or both of these things.

    Comment posted 19 December, 2012

  • Norman Valdez
    A little update, I tried to fix it myself by adding logo-bottom padding on the theme properties to margin-bottom: -35px and by editing the styles.css and that looks ok in full size, but when you shrink it (i.e. iPad size) then it is all messed up. :( http://screencast.com/t/bLM92WJFV

    Comment posted 19 December, 2012

  • Norman Valdez
    "I have a question about menu space layout capacity. I have built a number of menus and it seems like when I do have more than a few, the layout in full screen messes up. Do you have an idea on how to fix it? http://screencast.com/t/Z30inJf9w3yV My website address: ceric.org" I checked on the help file (http://ghostpool.com/help/bounce/help.html)and I still did not see where it refers to this issue? Can you be more specific?

    Comment posted 19 December, 2012

Created  19 December, 2012
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